Fall in Love Walking & Never Stop

Fall in Love Walking & Never Stop

Rooted in our core values and fueled by an unwavering commitment to innovation, Filwans embarks on its journey with a vision to provide extremely cost-effective smart wearable headphones and watches tailored to travel scenarios. With a steadfast resolve to forge ahead and a dedication to continuous innovation, we strive to pioneer superior intelligent technology, inspired by relentless dream-seekers like you and me.

Dongguan Liesheng Electronic Co., Ltd. is renowned for its diverse range of products spanning TWS, smart wearables, and beyond, catering to over 100 regions globally. Filwans, established in 2024, stands as a new brand under the Dongguan Liesheng group, serving as a sister brand to Filwans.

Forge Ahead in the New Era

Filwans emerges as an innovative technology brand dedicated to ushering in a fresh future through its proprietary technology. The acronym "FILWANS" embodies the ethos "Fall in Love with Walking and Never Stop," encapsulating the belief that extraordinary encounters await through perpetual exploration on life's journey.

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